Monday, May 30, 2011

When is a Boulder Not an Obstacle?

When is a boulder not a boulder?  When it is the destination.  In fact, it is my new destination, Boulder, CO!  Yes my rest period is over here in SC.  Summer is here and I am moving on.
Why Bouder, CO?  Would you believe I am taking the word of a friend who lives there.  Sharon ( and her boyfriend Pete) tell me it is a great city.  Very laid back with some hippie thrown in.  A well educated liberal populace that prides itself on being called the happiest city in America.  She said they have some great non-denom churches.  How could I pass that up!
I have never been to Boulder, nor have I spent any time in the West and the Rockies.  Well, once  I flew into Denver to go skiing in Breckenridge but that was 25 years ago.  I left B'ham to find a new part of the country and a new place to call home.   I spent a couple of months last fall travelling the East Coast on my NJOYLIF spiritual quest. I also explored a lot of NC because I originally thought I would want to live in Asheville or somewhere in the Smokey Mts.  Now I am about to journey 1,500 miles to pitch my tent at the foot of the Rocky Mts.  It is ironic that all the cities and parts of the East and Southeast I visited didn't feel right, but I am moving, lock, stock and barrel to a place that only sounds right.

I think this is a God thang.  He does stuff like this for me from time to time to keep me on my toes trying to keep up with Him.  Why else would I have this urge to go West with only one friend, no job lined up and no real place to live.  sharon and Pete are being very generous by letting pitch a pup tent in their basement until I get settled.
I am leaving this Wed. June, 1.  Everything I own will be going with me in a 5'x8' U-haul and what I can pack in my Odyssey.  I am quite pleased with myself that I have been able to shed my material possessions down to just stuff I need.

I took the picture above on my NJOYLIF tour.  The boulder is on the beach in Lubec, Maine.  Lubec was my starting point.  So it is fitting that I use a picture from then for now.  I first posted this picture with a caption about finding the boulders in your life and figurng out how to move around them.  Now I am seeing that my avoidance of the boulder was the wrong choice.  My destiny is to face the boulder and embrace it.  Or, at least learn how to ski this winter, then move on.

I hope to post on my trip out there and journal my first impressions of the city and the people I meet.